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PEAK lounge.bar

PEAK lounge.bar

PEAK lounge.bar located at Zahle-Lebanon, Designed & executed by HOD: Home Of Design.

The concept of this Lounge.Bar is inspired from the word “PEAK” it could be the pointed top of a mountain, building, Happiness, etc, since it’s capping the top of the HOD93 bldg.

•The Logo is designed by our Graphic Design Department, it has many meanings in its symbol. First of all the Mountain symbol with the snow on its peak + the Glass under it = both create the Signature poptails at Peak Lounge.Bar “The PoP inside the Glass”.

•The indoor area is designed with a warm winter touch in addition to a removable chimney in the center of the place that will be added in the winter season.

•The outdoor area is designed with a refreshing summer colors, and the shape of the shades indicates PEAK.

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