Home Of Design specializes in the highest quality custom home Architecture, Interior Architecture and appropriate additions and renovations.

HOD has Six departments:
-Interior Architecture
-Civil Engineer
-Electro-mechanical Engineer
-Graphic Design

In addition to a Furniture Showroom The firm is synonymous with exceptional design skills and outstanding personal service. Our main task is turning Your Stories, Dreams & Ideas into Reality, Through Research and DESIGN inspiring residences, landscape, and interiors that are practical, beautiful and harmonious with their neighbors and community.

Every project is undertaken with a deep knowledge and appreciation of the principles of Modern and futuristic combined with classical and traditional architecture, proportions and time-tested materials while integrating modern technology into the needs of today’s client. Home designs are a reflection of the unique needs and personalities of their owners. It is our goal to have every residential project serves the homeowner for many generations. Every residential project is seen as a direct response to the home owner’s sense of place and permanence for their family.

In addition to the Projects, Home of Design launches many products, designed and executed to facilitate the life of our Clients, by creating some brand new Multi-functional Items.

Fadi A. Tohmeh our Founder & CEO.
Interior Architect

“Create a life from the inside which feels good, not a life that looks good from the outside” -Fadi A. Tohmeh.

“Architects have no social life, we sacrifice to create it for you” -Fadi A. Tohmeh.

Contact us for more info:
Email: Info@HODlebanon.com
Mobile: +961 3 800 363