“Luxury is in each Detail.” –Hubert De Givenchy Modern Living Room Designed by HOD: Home Of […]
“Modern architecture does not mean the use of immature new materials; the main thing is to […]
PEAK lounge.bar located at Zahle-Lebanon, Designed & executed by HOD: Home Of Design. The concept of this […]
Taberna De Papel / Resto-Lounge located at Zahle – Lebanon, Designed & executed by HOD: Home […]
Ultra Modern Kitchen Design! The concept of this area is a multi functional Stairs and the […]
Living room Design: Combination between Futuristic & Modern styles. **Contact us for designing your dream home!! […]
The Concept of this Area is combined between Modern & Rustic style. It is specially designed […]
This Area is a 135 sqm apartment, its Concept consist on gaining every 1cm of this […]