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The “Beyond©” was designed by the Architect  Fadi A. Tohmeh & our Interior Architecture Department.

Modern Spiral Table Lamp, finished with high quality of solid wood chassis.


The “Maison©” was designed by the Architect  Fadi A. Tohmeh & our Interior Architecture Department.
Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a large family home, it always pays to make the best use of your space possible. Our multi-functional furniture solutions offer a winning combination of versatility, function, and style, so every square meter in your home can beautifully perform like one twice or even three times its size.
Maison©” could be used for many things: Living room table (many shapes), Chair, Laptop table, library, side table,… that’s why it’s called: “Maison©” .
Zein Wood (Light Brown).

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